Monday, August 23, 2010

El Pasoans Remain On Edge After Juarez Gunfight

Residents in some areas of West El Paso remained on edge Sunday after witnessing a massive gunfight just yards away, across the border near the UTEP campus. "I've never experienced anything like this. It's kind of shocking, but its reality and it's a sad thing going on over there,” said Ray Campos, a West El Paso resident. El Paso police and Border Patrol officials have said no rounds have been discovered on the U.S. side. No injuries were reported in El Paso. UTEP political science professor and border expert Tony Payan said the incident likely will not be the last. "West of Ciudad Juarez overlooking downtown and UTEP are some of the most dangerous areas in Ciudad Juarez," Payan said. The incident comes just months after bullets riddled El Paso’s City Hall Complex. Those stray bullets came from a gunfight just blocks from where Saturday’s incident took place. No injuries were reported on the U.S. side. "I think the next step, and presumably a very bad one, if someone were hit on this side, and there would be nothing you could do," Payan said...more

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