Monday, August 23, 2010

Neighbors Living Near Border React to Gunfire

El Pasoans living on the border are looking nervously at their neighbors in Juarez tonight. They're wondering when the next gun battle will send them ducking for cover. Jesus Delgado has lived in his home on Portifio Diaz street for 38 years and he says he is the most scared he's ever been for himself and his family. "I have grandchildren coming every weekend. It's becoming a concern now. I'll try to keep them out of my backyard and keep them inside," says Delgado who enjoys family barbecues in his front yard every Sunday. Arlene Contreras has a message for those committing crimes in Juarez. "You've taken a one time family environment to now where people are afraid to come out of their homes and you're wrong to do that to that neighborhood, to your country and to mine."...more

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