Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AHC Seeks Input about Equestrian Access to Federal Land

The American Horse Council (AHC) is continuing its effort to collect information on access issues equestrians are experiencing on federal lands. The centerpiece of this effort is an online form equestrians can use to report their personal experiences regarding trails that have been closed to them or other access issues on federal land. This online form is located on the AHC website. Based in part on these responses, the AHC will soon be publishing a 2010 report regarding equestrian access on federal land. The AHC began its effort to collect information regarding equestrian access issues on federal lands in July 2009. This effort was prompted by recreational riders around the country who were concerned that they were seeing a reduction in the number of trails and trailheads open to equestrians on federal land...more

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johnr said...

If the trails that they are riding on were established prior to flpma of 1976 the riders have an undeniable right to ride on them under the RS 2477 act