Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Douglas ranchers do not believe Krentz's murder will be solved

Lynn Kartchner, armed with a sidearm, took Nine On Your Side Reporter Steve Nuñez and Photo Journalist Chris Miracle to the murder scene. "The shooting happened right here," said Kartchner pointing to a bush. "And at the time there were marks where the Polaris spun the tires as he tried to escape but he was already shot." Cochise County Sheriff's tracked size 11 shoe prints 20-miles south where they stopped cold about a mile north of the border. Investigators believe the killer was a drug smuggler. To this day, Krentz's murder remains a mystery. By dawn, KGUN9 News caught up with New Mexico Rancher Bill Miller. He said the pain of losing his good friend has left a void in the lives of many, especially Rob's wife Suzie. "Under the circumstances Steve, I think they're doing okay," said Miller. "Until we have generational change we'll always have some remorse and won't be real happy about what has transpired." But as each day passes, Miller believes Krentz's murder may never be solved. Instead, Miller's doing his part to honor his friend by working closely with Border Patrol. He allows its helicopters to land at a refueling station near his house. Agent John Mason calls the partnership paramount to border security. Flying back to Douglas means he'd have to give up chase on a group that's crossing through the nearby Chiricahua Mountains. "We've caught five," said pilot Mason. "So far, we're trying to round up the other ten." Nuñez asked: How many more of them are coming across carrying drugs? "I'd say ten years ago 5% were carrying drugs now it's to the point 40-50% are carrying drugs," said Mason...more

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