Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rob Krentz's daughter speaks on his shooting death

It was on March 27, 2010, almost one year ago, that rancher Robert Krentz was shot to death at his San Bernardino Valley ranch near the Arizona-Mexico border, his daughter Kyle sat down with News 4 to talk about her father. Generations of the Krentz family have survived ranching in San Bernardino Valley. The hundreds of heads of cattle is their livelihood. Last year, their world was turned upside down with Robert Krentz was found shot to death on his property. Krentz was last heard by his brother over two-way radio, saying he had come across a group of immigrants, and asked his brother to call Border Patrol. Investigators think Krentz's killer may have been a Mexican drug smuggler. His daughter, Kyle, told News 4's Lorraine Rivera that living with the loss of her father was the hardest thing she's ever had to do. She says Robert was a gentle giant who never wanted her to give up. "He's in heaven, watching over us and protecting us," Kyle says. Robert's wife Susan Krentz is still recovering after being hit by a drunk driven while leaving church, and Kyle is hopeful for her full recovery. "She can just do anything she put her mind to," Kyle says about her mother. As for her father's killer, who is still at large: "For some reason, that guy chose to do something bad, and we'll never know why, but my dad would have never hurt him." One year later, the Krentz family is still dealing with the loss of their patriarch. "When you build a house, you have to have a foundation," Kyle says. "He was the foundation of our family." KVOA-TV

The video report is here.

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