Thursday, April 07, 2011

Protesters call for wolf eradication in Oregon

About two dozen Eastern Oregon residents, including several ranchers, converged on the Oregon Capitol April 5 calling for the removal of wolves from Oregon. “You can’t manage wolves,” protester and Wallowa County Commissioner Paul Castilleja said. “They need to be removed completely.” “I don’t know how you’re going to manage them,” Enterprise, Ore., rancher and protester Don Tippett said. “You can’t manage a predator without getting rid of them.” “I would just like to be able to defend my life and my property,” Keating, Ore., rancher Kimberlee Jacobs said. Jacobs was in Salem to testify at a legislative hearing later that day on behalf of the Oregon Sheep Growers Association. The Wolf Free Oregon protesters donned yellow shirts purporting “Zero Tolerance for Wolves” and carried signs proclaiming “Protect Our Children. No Wolves in Oregon,” and “Wolves Are at Your Door.” The protesters gathered on the steps of the Capitol and with bullhorns shouted slogans, such as “get the ESA out of the USA” and “the Canadian wolf is an invasive species” and “save Oregon ranchers.” The Wolf Free Oregon policy of removing all wolves from Oregon is in contrast to the official position of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, which is lobbying lawmakers to relax state wolf policy. Under Oregon’s Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, ranchers are restricted from using lethal methods to protect livestock from wolf predation, even if catching a wolf in the act of killing livestock...more

"Zero Tolerance For Wolves" - I like that.  Under public schools' Zero Tolerance policies kids are being suspended from school  for having toy guns, real or imagined ammo, etc.  Suspended and sent home and into wolf habitat. Crazy.

"Get the ESA out of the USA" - Even better.  Leave it to the states to regulate and protect wildlife.

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Anonymous said...

You people are really dumb. First, wolves are native to North America not just Canada. Second, why don't you use some common sense and find other ways to deal with it because it's your problem. You propose to kill all wolves in Oregon even though they will just come back because I know you're not going to build a fence around the entire Oregon border. How would you feel if people were killing you because you're just living.