Friday, June 21, 2013

BLM warns people could die of thirst due to budget cuts - BYOW

If you are planning to take in the views along the Bureau of Land Management's Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail or planning to enjoy a picnic at BLM's Beauty Bay site, you'll need to bring some drinking water with you this summer. The water systems at both locations are not functioning and because of budget impacts from federal cuts, funding to fix them is not available. To further complicate getting the water systems operational, the BLM's Coeur d'Alene office is unable to conduct the necessary bi-weekly water sampling in order to meet the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality drinking water standards due to a lack of personnel...more

I recently posted BLM Spending $100K to 'Increase Knowledge of Ethical Behavior'--Among ATV Drivers.  That's much more important than fixing two water systems!

Note BLM also can't meet the IDEQ drinking waters standards.  Those state standards are based on...federal law.  

If a private company didn't have the money to comply with federal reg's they would go out of business.  

Now that you mention it...

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