Friday, June 21, 2013

U.S. Forest Service upbeat about Rainbows (You've got to be kidding)

Though the Rainbow Family still owes the U.S. Forest Service $7,500 from its last gathering in Montana in 2000, a Forest Service spokesperson said her experience with the group has been largely positive. Cass Cairns, an information officer with the Forest Service, said dealing with the Rainbow Family is unique because it rejects the traditional hierarchal leadership structure, but that the group is interested in managing its annual event in responsible and healthy ways. For this year’s event, no special-use permit was issued to the Rainbow Family because of the lack of leaders who could sign off on such a document, though Cairns did say a specific plan of operations was established...more

OK, let's rewrite that.

Forest Service upbeat about ranch family returning
Though the Julie Carter Ranch Family still owes the Forest Service $7500 for past grazing fees, a Forest Service spokesperson said her experience with the family has been positive.  For this year's grazing season no permit was issued because no one in the family would sign such a document.  The Forest Service spokesperson said she wasn't sure how many cattle would graze this year.

Yup, when that happens I can shut down this blog and go back to living a normal life. 

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