Monday, March 10, 2014

Utah authorities searching Colorado River for stolen fossilized dinosaur footprint

Authorities in southeast Utah say they have a suspect in the theft of a fossilized dinosaur footprint on public land. A search and rescue team in Grant County launched a search in the Colorado River near Moab for the ancient track that was cut last month from the sandstone on the Hell's Revenge Trail in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Utah Bureau of Land Management District paleontologist Rebecca Hunt-Foster said the dinosaur tracks are 190 million years old. They are one-of-a-kind tracks that don't have a price, she said. A dive team with the Utah Department of Public Safety searched the river on Saturday along State Route 128 near the Dewey Bridge about 32 miles northeast of Moab. But so far the team has had no luck in finding it. Sheriff's deputies said they have a suspect. But no charges have been filed and no other details released. Utah Highway Patrol Capt. Doug McCleve, the dive teams' commander, told the Salt Lake Tribune on Sunday the river was not deep, but the current and what he called "pitch dark" visibility made the search difficult...more

Note the fossils were stolen from BLM property but all the law enforcement work is being done by state and local authorities.  Can't the vaunted BLM officers swim?  Actually, this is the way all law enforcement on federal lands should be conducted.  That was the original intent of Section 303(d) of FLPMA.

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