Monday, September 28, 2015

Fed Threatened To Cut Whistleblower With Cake Knife

Profanity-laced tirades, a threatening cake knife and $1.1 million worth of time fraud are at the center of a Census Bureau office scandal, according to a report the Commerce Department’s Office of Inspector General. Forty current and former officials in the Census Bureau’s employment office defrauded the federal government of more than 19,000 work hours over a four-year period, and one supervisor hired a contractor with whom he had a “sexual relationship,” the IG said. When one Census Hiring and Employment Check worker reported what was happening to the IG, a colleague took the knife in his hand for cutting cake at an office party and, making a “stabbing motion,” said, “This is for who went to the OIG!” the report said. The same knife-wielding employee also said the whistleblower should “watch out,” calling the whistleblower “chicken****,” a “rat,” and a “snitch,” according to the report...more

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