Monday, September 28, 2015

Zoo pooh will not be renewed; Denver in dung denial; Green margaritas?

This is a story that Billy, Dolly and the rest of the elephants at the Denver Zoo will probably never forget: how they almost, but not quite, became not just animals on exhibit, but also sources of renewable energy.. A decade or so ago, zoo leaders had an innovative idea. As part of their quest to become “the greenest zoo in the country” and a zero-waste facility by 2025, they would develop a technique to transform elephant dung and other waste at the zoo such as paper plates and dirty diapers into fuel pellets that would generate electricity through a process called gasification. The state and the city said yes. The Environmental Protection Agency was interested, as was the National Renewable Energy Lab. Permits were obtained. All was a go. The gasification plant would be built on the zoo grounds in the heart of Denver’s City Park. The zoo showed off the potential of its pooh by powering a blender to make margaritas and, later, a motorized rickshaw that went on a promotional tour to zoos across the West. There was even a nice irony: This green electricity would be powering an elephant exhibit sponsored by a major consumer of fossil fuels, Toyota...The zoo had spent nearly $4 million during construction. Yet, while the plant was nearing completion, the zoo was still refining the development of the fuel pellets it planned to make from its diverse stream of waste. “What we were still working on was pellet consistency,” Barnhart said. “How do you create a consistent pellet out of an inconsistent waste stream?” Another factor: The zoo hired a new president and chief executive, Shannon Block. She started in March and began pursuing a substantial new master plan for the zoo. Using elephant waste to make energy, it turns out, will not be in it...more 

Did the elephant dung powered motorized rickshaw come to your community?

Who knew that elephant dung was so diverse?  It will make margaritas and run rickshaws but that's it?  What's the purpose of having a rickshaw if its motorized anyway?

Then there was the PCP...the pellet consistency problem.  Guess these dung dumbies couldn't get their shit together. 

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Tick said...

I don't understand this concept of elephant scat margaritas. Margaritas made in a blender should have a different name as they are NOT Margaritas, they are frozen, slushy booze in a blender. A real Margarita is made with premium tequila and is shaken...not stirred. And certainly not spun in a high speed cetrifuge.