Sunday, October 04, 2015


Dead or Alive
By Stephen L. Wilmeth

            Aging has many complications. Quite frankly, there are things that get harder and harder.
            No, these issues don’t necessarily reflect declining physical ability. These issues happen to relate to the mental anguish demonstrated through the witness of societal deportment and behavior. Ongoing atrocities are particularly distressing, but parallel factors of what I can and can’t control have a way of manifesting themselves. The best example in my world is baby calves, especially those calves that are orphaned, or, in our parlance, dogied. Nothing causes me more grief than to see a baby calf trying to hang onto life without any maternal assistance. Without a doubt, it is the most difficult thing for me to face as a rancher. I am a total wuss and I admit it.
            Short of that good mother, the next best thing is a nurse cow and that usually means a milk cow. There are also some rare individuals who have learned to care for these little guys that have lost the window of opportunity to nurse and find themselves in dire straights. There is a fellow in our neck of the woods, Gary Harper, who fits that calling. Gary and I have worked a deal and he has filled the role of life giver if and when we find ourselves in that predicament. I respect his skill immensely. Perhaps more than that, I respect his desire to undertake the responsibility. He creates a positive out of a negative and fills a hopeless void with humor and hope.
            The world needs more of his kind of stewardship.
            AMENDEMENT XIV
            Yes, there it is.
            Proposed on June 13, 1866 and ratified July 9, 1868, the Amendment’s Section 1 reads, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”
            That is the constitutional premise our government uses to obligate us and future generations to the unfunded liabilities and entitlements to babies born to foreigners on American soil. It doesn’t matter that the amendment dealt specifically with solidification of rights of citizenship to slaves after the Civil War. The current application has nothing to do with slavery much less the fact most of those newly vested babies will never live in the state of his or her birth. It has only to do with what now must be considered a long standing growth industry. As such, we have no choice but to label it the propagation of American constitutional rights for foreigners. It is the phenomenon of pass goal and drop (baby). It is the game being played whereby the pregnant foreigner coordinates her delivery date with a dash through customs at American portals of entry only to appear at the emergency room of a convenient birthing center. The new babies automatically become human tokens of value to be redeemed in the myriad of welfare programs that become available. They are citizens with every right of every legitimate citizen that ever walked.
That had to be what the ratifying states envisioned back in 1868, right?
Indeed, after the slaves were given full rights, the next phase of the program was intended to spread the richness of America to every corner of the world. The vectors would become the pregnant world citizens who could squeeze themselves through to the concourse turnstiles of arriving international flights or waddle across the foot bridge crossings on the Rio Grande. It is all there is black and white. Even O’Reilly has studied the verbiage and declares those babies … Americans.
            Following delivery, the welfare program experts walking the birthing floors in the hospitals in places like El Paso, Tucson, Los Angeles and San Francisco can visit with the new mother and explain to her the programs her baby made available. Most are government representatives, but private enterprise is also in on the action. Last Sunday, The Westerner ran an article on the budding birth tourism industry of California. In the Bay Area for example, third trimester foreigners can check themselves into birthing cottages at the modest rate of $4K per month and wait for their next little American to appear. If they have planned correctly and nature takes its natural course, they have been prepped to make their menu driven program selections. If things get a bit dicey and lucky baby decides to arrive early, the selection process will have to be done during the recovery phase of the great experience.
            In either case, the birthing of foreign additions to the rolls of American programs represents big money. That applies to the revenue exhaustion of the process itself as well as summation of the unfunded liabilities for the next 80 years. The supporters of all this extra-constitutionality suggest America is a bastion of moral authority. Meanwhile, the American tax payer must be reminded his fiscal incarceration in this matter is promulgated by the genius and the vision of the authors … of the XIV Amendment.
            The kill plants
            My state, New Mexico, has taken the progressive low road and decided kill plants for horses are dastardly things. That position, which includes the stance of Governor Susana Martinez, parallels the position of the USDA which is maneuvering to eliminate any chance of the humane killing of horses by refusing to provide inspectors. Without the inspectors, meat plants cannot operate. No laws have been passed, but regulatory fiat by the agency has created the law banning horse slaughter. The combination must suggest that no civilized society should kill horses for any reason. By acclamation, there is no longer any right time to kill a horse in the United States even if it comes to that point it is the best thing for the animal.
            The alternative, of course, will be the continuation of the caravans of trucks headed south into Mexico where the horses will be hung on hooks only to have their throats cut.
            At the same time of such low road morality, the baby kill shops in this country are performing abortions at a rate faster than one every 90 seconds. If the killing of those babies isn’t bad enough, the revelation that the kill shops (including those of the largest service provider, Planned Parenthood) are harvesting and selling the organs and pieces of those babies is just unfathomable. In America, a simple fact has been highlighted.
Horses have more rights than unborn babies.
Furthermore, American enterprise cannot kill horses, but they can proceed with the business of killing babies. After all, it is government mega business. Planned Parenthood sucks off at least $528M annually and the political implications of that are immense.
Despite the outrage …despite the horror, this government will likely continue the funding. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch (Foghorn) McConnell has coerced a vote that will fund the government through December 11. That necessarily implies that this is a continued done deal. Foghorn and his lackeys will earn the plaudits from the Washington elites by, once again, avoiding any hint of the distasteful political government shut down, but they will also demonstrate that having a majority in Congress means nothing when there is no will or inclination to lead.
McConnell will also sanction something much more sinister. He needs to be exposed and held accountable. It is the matter of his priorities and dirty money concerns. It is scandalous and historic. It is diabolical and unthinkable. It is inconceivable and ruthless. It is the unconscionable notion that, in America under his leadership, babies are indeed wanted … dead or alive.

Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “I find myself heart sick over this spectacle of my government. Even if this stops … we are now in jeopardy of eternal judgment.”

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