Tuesday, March 08, 2016

AG Balderas, DA D'Antonio announce initiative to combat border violence

The 3rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office and New Mexico Attorney General’s Office announced a joint initiative Thursday that aims to reduce border-related crimes by stemming the flow of illegal money into the United States. Attorney General Hector Balderas and District Attorney Mark D’Antonio announced the “Follow the Money” initiative in Las Cruces...more

All this really means is that they've received federal grant money, and the two pols are rushing to get as much political hay out of it as possible.

There are some interesting quotes here.  AG Balderas is quoted as saying "New Mexico is a particularly vulnerable to border violence because of its proximity to Mexico", and DA D'Antonio reiterates the truism, " “Criminal activity will go through the weakest point of an area...".  

These Dem's should communicate their concerns to Senators Udall & Heinrich.  Whenever you prohibit or severely limit Border Patrol access, such as in a Wilderness area or a National Monument, you automatically create a weak point.

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