Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Agency order aims to boost outdoor access for youth groups

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Friday issued an order aimed at improving outdoor access for organizations that take disadvantaged youth on backpacking, climbing and other trips on public lands. Her order directs the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and other agencies to reduce barriers for such groups, streamline the permitting process and consider ways to ensure that they aren't required to get a commercial permit or other authorization. Some groups say they face hurdles getting permits to access federal public lands and that the process can be too cumbersome, varied and not transparent enough. They may have to pay big fees or are required to get commercial use permits. "Obtaining permits on federal lands to run these wilderness experiences have been difficult," Martin said. It's a cumbersome process particularly for small nonprofits with limited resources, he added...more

If the process is so "cumbersome" and "difficult", why not "reduce barriers" and "streamline the permitting process" for everybody?

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