Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Agents find suspected smugglers sitting on load of pot

Using night vision technology, Border Patrol agents on horses were able to track down two Mexicans attempting to smuggle nearly 100 pounds of marijuana near Lordsburg, N.M. The two men, who were initially seen walking north from the U.S.-Mexico border, were found sitting on two large burlap sacks before being taken into custody Monday morning. The men were identified as Guadalupe Renteria Moreno, 24, and Ricardo Palma Palma, 29, both of Mexico. The bags on which they were sitting contained 96 pounds of pot with an estimated street value of $77,360. Both men were turned over to the DEA. Earlier that morning, night vision helped agents spot a man and a juvenile walking north from the border near Animas, N.M. The suspected drug smugglers were using "booties" on their shoes to hide their footprints in the desert, agents said. With the help of a service dog, agents found the 51-year-old Hector Carrillo Soto and the juvenile hiding in brush. Agents also found five burlap backpacks filled 249 pounds of marijuana, valued at $199,360. Carrillo Soto told agents there were other people helping in the smuggling attempt, but those people ran back into Mexico...more

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