Wednesday, March 30, 2016

EPA Update: Members of Congress Joining Fight to Save Racecars

The 2016 short track racing season is ready to swing into full gear. While most racers are turning their attention to battling on the track, an on-going battle continues off the track. It is a battle that could prove crucial for the future of the sport. At the beginning of the month of March, SEMA reported the proposal by several members of congress named the “Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (or RPM) Act of 2016.” It is bill that aims to stop the EPA’s overreaching regulations and ensure that converting street vehicles to mpetition-only race cars does not violate the law. Since that time, many supporters of the sport chimed in by writing a letter to their representative in congress. SEMA made it easy by providing this link Because of this outpouring of support, some members of congress are beginning to speak up and take the fight directly to the EPA...more

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