Thursday, April 14, 2016

Federal judge backs off from total gag order on refuge occupier Shawna Cox

In the face of an expected appeal, U.S. District Judge Robert E. Jones Wednesday modified his gag order against Oregon standoff defendant Shawna Cox, limiting the restrictions on her public speech.
In his new order, Jones wrote that Cox should refrain from any conduct or speech that would incite others to trespass on or destroy federal government property, or incite unlawful violence. It marks a step back from his earlier March 29 much broader restriction that she not make "any public comment' about her case, co-defendants "or any future protest movements.'' That day, the judge told Cox, who listened to the hearing on speaker phone, that she must refrain from making any comments by phone or social media about her case "or any future protest movements.'' Cox's lawyer objected to the scope of the order, and filed a notice to appeal. Cox's defense lawyer Tiffany Harris said Wednesday that she was pleased with the change...more

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