Thursday, April 14, 2016

Grant County sheriff says dispatchers endangered his life withholding standoff information

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer has opened a new front in his fight against allegations that he supported armed militants, notifying John Day city officials that he intends to sue over their complaints to the state about his conduct. Palmer, 54, said in a tort claim received by city officials last week that dispatchers put his life in danger when they withheld information from him on the day that state troopers shot and killed Robert "LaVoy" Finicum. Palmer asked for information about the confrontation as he left a John Day meeting 90 minutes after the shooting, but dispatchers limited what they told him for worry he had a refuge occupier with him. Palmer has retained Hostetter Law Group of Enterprise to represent him in the criminal investigation. The firm filed the tort claim, a legally required notice to alert the city of a potential lawsuit. Palmer's three-page claim doesn't specify what money he might seek in such a suit. He names the city manager, the police chief, the dispatcher manager, five dispatchers...more

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