Thursday, June 16, 2016

Governor Martinez visits the Goss Ranch

The Goss Family posted this on Facebook Wednesday evening:

We were honored to meet and spend the day with Governor Susana Martinez. She was genuinely concerned about the water and jumping mouse issues. The governor, State Water Engineer Tom Blaine, Secretary of Agriculture Jeff Witte, and Director of Game and Fish Alexa Sandoval understood the issues and were sympathetic to the impact the electric fences are having on our cattle operation. They truly appear to want to help find a way to alleviate the problem. We look forward to the governor taking the appropriate action.

I've been critical of Governor Martinez's lack of engagement on federal land and water issues, so this is heartening to see.  Let's hope this effort wasn't to just "calm the waters" and the Governor and her staff will seek an equitable solution to this troublesome issue.  I hope she follows through and that similar problems faced by rural New Mexicans will be addressed in the future.


Anonymous said...

Looking at chapter 4 in the USFWS SSA Report on the NMM Jumping Mouse I noticed that many of the critical habitat unit descriptions included the statement that whether or not the mouse existed in other areas of the subunit was unknown. The units/subunits seem based on past observations of specific areas where the species was spotted at some time, but it seems USFWS has in many instances no knowledge of whether or not the mouse exists outside of the previously studies areas. Do they really have knowledge of whether or not they are truly "endangered"?

At a conference last fall a USFWS field supervisor, while giving a rundown of new ESA listings stated that science was no longer a part of the listing process, that now listings were solely political in nature. Hmmmm? Obvious?

Anonymous said...

1). We need our Governor to proactively defend our Property Rights & Rights, without us having to go look for her and wait.

2). We need our Governor to uphold the good laws that recognize and protect all New Mexicans rights and property rights that were passed by previous N.M. state Representatives, not judges who ignore state laws and legislate from the bench.

3). We need our Governor to assert states rights over federal bureaucrats authority over us.

4). There is a government environmental-socialist-fascist agenda;
It's purpose is to control private business; Diminish it, degrowth the country.
Government without accountability or a stake in it.
To suspend and curtail property rights and rights in general, by regulations enforced with heavy fines, threat of prison, and forfeiture of property.

5). We need our Governor to stand up against the EPA, ESA, CWA, WOTUS, ACE, CAA,USFW, to name a few.

6). We need our Governor to use the supreme law of the land, that being The U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, and to quit being quite or politically correct for all our sake.