Thursday, August 25, 2016

Animal rights activists to protest NM rodeo

ALAMOGORDO – Local animal rights advocates with the help from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will be peacefully protesting the Otero County rodeo events today. A Village of Tularosa resident and animal rights advocate, Katherine Reiser, will be organizing a peaceful demonstration outside the rodeo entrance at the Otero County Fairgrounds to educate rodeo goers on what Reiser and her group believe is the unethical treatment of animals at rodeos. “We’re just going to be holding up some signs. We’ll have some literature to pass out for anyone who is willing to take it. It exploits the cruelty at what happens at rodeos,” Reiser said. “We’re not trying to cause any confrontation with the public whatsoever. The goal is strictly education. We just want to have a presence out there.” Reiser, who used to reside in New York, said she has been a resident of Tularosa for a couple of years now but she never realized the county fair also featured a live rodeo. She said when she found out through a radio commercial then her radar went up and she wanted to raise awareness on animal cruelty...more

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