Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ranchers put skills to the test during 3rd Range Days Ranch Rodeo

It's a chance for those usually behind the scenes in the horse community to get a chance to shine.
Merritt says, "There's people that can rope calves and steers; this is an all-around showcase of what you do every day. There's a rodeo community and a ranching community, and they don't always overlap. This is a good excuse to get the ranching community involved." The goal is speed for teams of ranchers putting their day-to-day tasks to the test during the 3rd Range Days Ranch Rodeo at the Central States Fair. Rodeo organizer Kevin Schmidt says, "The winner of the CSF Ranch Rodeo is seeded to the final performance to the night of the 2017 BHSS. It's tough to make the qualifying round because we usually have 80 teams." And it's a unique style of rodeo that's growing.
Contestant Sergio Mirelas says, "It's blooming. It's getting bigger and bigger."...more

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