Sunday, August 28, 2016

Farmer creates his own Trump sign - video

BURGETTSTOWN, PA (WTOV) — A Pennsylvania farmer has created what may be the world’s largest Donald Trump campaign sign. Recently, Eddy Cashdollar had a problem, so he put one more thing on his “to do list.” “I asked everybody for a Trump sign to put on my car and put on my yard but nobody has them so I said I’ll make one,” Eddy said. And he did, mowing letter by letter, for about two hours, until he had the biggest Trump sign around. “I just made the first one and made the other ones match it,” Eddy said. The letters are about 20 feet tall. The entire thing is well over 100 feet wide. Eddy’s daughter says her father’s alignment surprised the family, since he’s always been a staunch Democrat. A spokesperson for the Trump campaign says it’s “the literal definition of grassroots enthusiasm.” Eddy isn’t the only farmer using his fields to convey political messages. Earlier this year, a farmer in Lawrence Township, Ohio, wrote “No Trump” in manure in a pasture and became a social media star.

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