Sunday, August 28, 2016

Trump says he will end 'war on American farmer'

Donald Trump is telling Iowans that one of his campaign goals is to "make America grow again." Speaking at a rally Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa, Trump touted his plans to boost economic growth and help American farmers, including his proposal to lower the tax rate on family farms to 15 percent. Trump tells the crowd, which includes many farmers, that "we are going to end this war on the American farmer." Trump adds that he aims to protect the renewable fuel standard, eliminate "job-killing regulations" and "provide desperately needed tax relief." He claims that his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton "wants to shut down family farms just like she wants to shut down the mines and the steelworkers."  AP


Dave Pickel said...

What war is that I wonder? The US Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in tandem with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) works with farmers and ranchers nationwide providing technical and financial assistance. The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) provides crop insurance against loss due to natural disaster. The only 'war' American farmers are involved with is that of competition with ag producers from other nations and their international trade policies.

Bill Weddle said...

I don't take or get anything from any government except tax bills which I pay in full.
I never had any luck with those above mentioned bureaucrats. As far as I am concerned it's all a waste of tax payer money and should be discontinued. If a cannot do it myself I don't want it. Stay away from my property. I am not alone in this.
I doubt I will ever get social security which I've paid for decades, and they raised my retirement age from what it was when I signed up.
I pay for all my own expenses and insurances if I have any, or do without. That includes health, teeth, a day off or even a vacation if I get it.
Most government employees don't have those expenses because tax dollars have them covered.
All business's, agricultural, automotive, shooting sports, back road/off road activities, hunting/hunting industry, from corporate to Mom & Pop owned are stifled, intimidated, threatened by EPA, Army Corps Engineers, over their claim of authority over Americans property rights and rights in general.
But .gov is good at telling successful self employed tax payers what to do, how to do it, how high to jump and when. Or they will fine you out of existence, seizing your property. EPA, USFW, Clean Water Act, WOTUS, ESA, USFS, USDA, etc. They ignore good laws when they get in the way of .gov motives and goals, always saying the opposite. They all need to be dissolved. Think of the money and resources that would free up.
Give all of them a real Constitutional authorized job standing at our national borders looking in the appropriate direction with a rifle. There would be so many of them we wouldn't need a stinking wall.
Unless they raise they're stress card, turn tail and run........