Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Roseburg boy names steer after LaVoy Finicum at the Douglas County Fair

Alongside steers named Angus, Heifer and Duke, one name stood out at the Douglas County Fair: LaVoy — as in LaVoy Finicum. LaVoy, a 1,030-pound black Maine-Anjou who earned a third-place finish at the fair, was named after the spokesman for the militia-led occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge who was shot and killed during a police confrontation on a remote highway outside the town of Burns. He was named by 10-year-old Ryley Schneider of Roseburg, who wanted to memorialize Finicum’s actions in beef. “LaVoy is a hero who stood up for all of our rights and I believe in him — we all believe in him,” Schneider said while wearing a golden belt buckle and an oversized gray T-shirt both with an “LV” logo printed on them. “He stood up for our rights and was just a good man.” Finicum, 54, remains a sympathetic figure to many in rural Oregon who feel the federal government has over-regulated in industries like logging and cattle grazing. In January, Finicum and over 20 other people took over the Eastern Oregon refuge to protest perceived government overreach for more than 40 days. Finicum was the only fatality. In March, state officials announced state troopers involved in the shooting were justified in their actions because they feared for their lives...more

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