Saturday, March 18, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. taps hunting pal for Interior liaison

Donald Trump Jr. is still exerting influence at the Interior Department and has tapped a hunting buddy to serve as a go-between for the agency, sportmen's groups and his father's White House. President Donald Trump’s eldest son is an avid hunter and played a key role in picking Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who is also a hunter and fisherman. And now Donald Trump Jr. has asked Jason Hairston, a former San Francisco 49ers linebacker and founder of hunting gear company Kuiu, to serve as a liaison among himself, Zinke, sportsmen's groups and the White House on conservation and public lands issues, Hairston said on Thursday. "I'm absolutely going to take the position," Hairston told POLITICO, but the job won't come with a salary, and he plans on staying in California where he lives and managing his business. But an official with the Interior Department said there had "been no discussion of creating of a new role like this" and White House deputy press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in an email there were no new personnel announcements. Hairston said Donald Trump Jr. had hoped to play the liaison role between Interior and the White House himself, but his decision to stick with running his father's business empire with his brother, Eric Trump, put a kink in that plan. "It's really a role he was hoping to fill, but he can't because of conflict of interest," Hairston said. Outdoor recreation groups have recently stepped up their fight against efforts by some Western Republican lawmakers to force the Interior Department to transfer more of the vast amounts of public lands it controls in the West to states — a move the groups say would cut them off from prime hunting and fishing ground. And having Hairston as their advocate would give them a direct line to the White House...more

Apparently Zinke didn't know about this. This may allow sportsmens groups to "go around" the Secretary on various issues. On the other hand, if Zinke and Hairston get along, this could provide more influence for Zinke in the White House than other cabinet members may have.


Tick said...

I wonder how much of this 'influence' will trickle down to the great, sovereign Republic of Texas.

Frank DuBois said...

He will control every one of these:

And everyone of these:

The feds own 168 million acres in Texas

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