Monday, April 24, 2017

After mistrial declared for 4 defendants, Bundy supporters say case far from over

Seven weeks of testimony. Five days of deliberations. Two convictions. Four mistrials. Supporters of the Bundy 6 know the case is far from over. “I don't think there was a case here all along,” said Bundy supporter John Lamb. The jury deadlocked on all charges against four other defendants. “It's a win whenever you get a hung jury in federal court,” said Todd Leventhal, who represents Scott Drexler. “For defense attorneys, it's a win. “I just spoke with the jurors, and they had a lot of opinions on what they liked and didn't like,” Leventhal said. “They thought the government came in with too much evidence; they didn't believe all their witnesses.” Monday's mistrial means prosecutors will try the case again. The re-trials are scheduled to begin June 26 — the same date that the trial against Bundy and two of his sons was set to begin. Supporter Doug Knowles calls the system rigged. He said he believes the government is pushing for a plea bargain. “These boys have been in jail a year, and they still haven't been convicted,” Knowles said...more

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