Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ranch Radio Song Of The Day #1832

The new Gibson Brothers CD In The Ground was released in February. Here's the title song.  This tune goes out to Jay Hill, who is working night and day to make sure this theme, the decline of the family farm, doesn't occur in this area.  No "long, slow surrender" on his part. No Sir!.


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Anonymous said...

(I had to add to this song since it was posted right after I saw on the news that the last large piece of rangeland in Folsom, CA on Hwy U.S. 50 was being slated for 10,000 homes and retail - that pasture of green has progressed into 10.00 shades of gray.)

In the ground
Is the life-giving soil
That we can no longer toil
Because it might harm the bay
That's two hundred miles away

In the ground
Was the food-producing knowledge
That's now covered by concrete and a college
Where the kids are indoctrined to hate
The farmers who put food on their plate

In the ground
And in the federal prisons
Are the victims of environmentalism
Who stood up for their right
To farm their ground

In the ground
Where the arms of environmental law
Won't apply to urban sprawl
As a survey stake is driven
Into the last farm land taken

In the ground
Where the progressive greenies get their way
And progress the earth into a concrete shade of gray
Then the world-wide famine will come around
That's when the enviros will be found - in the ground