Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lee Pitts - The Red Bluff Miracle

It has been said that the only difference between a fairy tale and a cowboy story is that the fairy tale begins, "Once upon a time," and the cowboy story begins, "This is a true story…really." 

Well, this is a true story…really. 

A bunch us were sitting around talking horses prior to the famous Red Bluff Gelding Sale when John mentioned that our good friend, Bob, could tell the age of a horse with nothing more than a hair from the horse's tail. Being the non-believer that I am I said , "Prove it."

So a random volunteer was selected to fetch a hair from the tail of one of the horses that would sell later that evening. Bob took off his wedding ring and passed the horse hair through it. Next he grabbed the loose ends in his hands and let the wedding ring dangle from the hair into an empty coffee cup, about an inch below the rim. Bob rested his elbows on the table, with the hair coming out over the top of his clenched hands.

At first, the ring did nothing and I was unimpressed but after a few seconds it started swinging to and fro. I looked at Bob's hands and they were not moving or swinging the ring in any way. He was concentrating and asked for silence. Every once in a while the ring would swing so far as to hit the edge of the cup making a "ding" that everyone in the room could hear. After we had all counted four dings the ring became perfectly still in the middle of the cup. Bob announced, "the horse is a four year old."

Our messenger knew the lot number of the horse so we looked him up in the sale catalog and guess what? The horse was four years old! 

It seems that one of the prerequisites for being able to perform this wondrous feat is that you must also be able to witch for water. Willard the Water Witcher was in attendance and he tried the trick using the same horse hair and just like with Bob the ring dinged the cup four times. But when I tried it the ring did not even move.

I know you're not going to believe me when I tell you what happened next but I have at least twenty witnesses to the event...

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