Saturday, March 10, 2018

NYU Law sending free help to 10 Dem AGs for environmental causes (including NM)

Democratic state attorneys general, like Pennsylvania's Josh Shapiro, are getting free help from New York University School of Law to bolster their environmental causes, though a Commonwealth business advocacy group worries this results in important work being outsourced to an out-of-state entity. It was announced in August that a nearly-$6 million funding grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies, administered through the NYU School of Law’s recently formed State Energy and Environmental Impact Center, will dispatch special prosecutors to the offices of several state attorneys general to advance policies aimed at the development of renewable energy, protecting the environment and addressing climate change. David J. Hayes, the State Energy and Environmental Impact Center’s Executive Director, said, “Each of the attorney general offices chosen to participate has demonstrated a commitment to advancing progressive policies on clean energy, the environment and climate change.” Initially, Washington, D.C. and six states were chosen for the first phase of this program: Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York and Washington. In December, it was announced that Oregon, Virginia and Pennsylvania would join the list...more

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