Saturday, March 10, 2018

US miners seek reversal of uranium mining ban near Grand Canyon

The US mining industry asked the US Supreme Court on Friday to overturn an Obama-era rule that prohibits the mining of uranium on public lands adjacent to the Grand Canyon National Park. The National Mining Association (NMA) and the American Exploration and Mining Association (AEMA) filed petitions asking the court to reverse the Obama administration's 2012 ban on new uranium mining claims on more than one-million acres of public land adjacent to the canyon. In 2012, Ken Salazar, then the secretary of the interior, instituted the ban for 20 years on the public lands that the Havasupai tribe relies on for water. The ban was upheld by the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in December. NMA spokesman Luke Popovich said his organization was challenging Salazar's constitutional authority to declare the large land withdrawal, and he said uranium mining does not harm the land. "There is scant evidence that uranium mining outside the park boundaries poses any threat to either the environment or visitor experience," Popovich said. He said Salazar ignored a finding by the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management that showed mining would have little impact...more

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, with the Arizona mine withdrawn from mining ...where else would they find uranium as rich as what's in Arizona...??? a mine in a certain other state that was described in a 1958 article as "the richest strike of it's kind" and 5 to 10 times higher grade of U3o8 than the rest of the country...???

...and a 1958 geological study that made the same comparison?

And about the time Obama banned Arizona mining... Nuclear Energy Institute, in a testimony, pleaded to BLM, NPS and others in the DOI that this ban goes against the "deal" they made with the enviros back in 1984.

....funny how, at that same time, there was an uptick in BLM land grabs and harassment ...and how that uptick went into to overdrive when Obama was elected.