Monday, April 23, 2018

BLM reinstates citizen review board suspended last year, but now lacks members

The Bureau of Land Management is attempting to reconstruct a citizen’s group in Wyoming after it suspended the advisory council last year for review. The group has weighed in on the agency’s policies from specific issues like sage grouse to broader concerns like land management plans in Wyoming since it formed in 2011. Its volunteer members are a cross section of Wyoming industry, local government and environmental representatives, each holding their seat for a period of three years. Resource Advisory Councils were put on hold last May as part of an Interior-wide review ordered by Secretary Ryan Zinke. Nearly 200 committees nationwide were suspended pending review to ensure that such groups were working in line with President Donald Trump’s new vision as laid out in a number of mandates and executive orders, the Bureau of Land Management stated at the time. The agency in Wyoming has been seeking nominations to fill vacant positions since November and put a call out last week to fill two more vacancies that will open in July. Nominations for new positions were allowed to continue during the review process, according to the state office...MORE

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