Monday, April 23, 2018

Judicial Arrogance - An Obama judge declares war on mining because of climate change

A federal judge has ruled that the government must consider reducing mining in America’s top coal-producing region, to fight climate change. Moreover, he ordered the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to work with the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, and four other environmental industry groups, to write a new management plan for the region. Montana District Judge Brian Morris, a 2013 Obama appointee, has apparently relied on an entirely new body of law, discovering a previously unknown section of the Constitution. Like all federal judges, he swore an oath to perform his duties “impartially… under the Constitution and laws of the U.S.” Nothing in those documents gives Judge Morris authority to order the BLM to work with non-government organizations (the same ones that filed the lawsuit in question) to alter America’s use of energy. I bet Judge Morris is a great dad — not the kind whose kids run wild, but a believer in tough love. In fact, in this era my own parents would both make terrific federal judges. Many times when we questioned the reason for their various decisions and rulings, their response was simply, “because I said so.” I read Judge Morris’s ruling in the coal case, and that is essentially the source of his extraordinary power to change our society. Make no mistake about the change this ruling could mean if upheld by the higher courts. The Powder River Basin supplies 40 percent of America’s coal, and coal provides roughly a third of all electricity in the U.S. In Western States like Colorado, coal still provides over half our electricity. Coal remains America’s most abundant energy resource, and by far its cheapest, so the declining use of coal is driving up utility costs. The government projects monthly residential electric bills will more than double in the next 20 years. Yet the environmental industry plaintiffs that brought this suit against the BLM actually asked the judge to completely ban coal mining in that region. Their end game is easily understood. But what authority would a federal judge have to determine that coal could be mined elsewhere on other federal land, but not in that particular region? By the way, this case is not about environmental groups v. the Trump Administration. The plaintiff groups challenged plans for the region published in 2015 by the Obama Administration...MORE

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Anonymous said...

"War on mining" ...???

Maybe the coal industry should be sleeping with the enviros & the media the nuclear industry is.

A major nuclear lobbying group recently posted a job opening for a 'media relations manager'....embedded in their job description was this statement:

" persuade the public, through the media, about the value of nuclear energy for electricity, while protecting the environment."

This same lobbying group was excited about Obama's election and how "the nuclear industry stands to benefit from cap and trade legislation".

Further stating how nuclear copmanies can sell their low emission credits to more polluting industries and the price of carbon will go up and be an incentive to switch to nuclear power.

They also commissioned numerous 'public polls' about the increased favorability towards nuclear energy.

All of the nuclear and uranium companies - including Uranium One - push nuclear energy as the answer to 'climate change'.

One of these groups "Breakthrough Energy Ventures" - whose members include Bezos, Thiel, Soros, Zuckerberg, Gates, Tom Steyer, Peter Turner, etc., promote agriculture and meat consumption as harmful to the planet.

Bezos invested $19.5 million in uranium and a new type of reactor that's smaller and 'safer'.

Bezos hired Larry Kornze for his uranium investment in Canada - Kornze is the father of fmr BLM head Neal Kornze.

Peter Thiel invested $2 million in uranium and is also designing a small nuclear reactor.

Thiel is also designing a fake meat 3-D printer while promoting the idea at Paris climate conference that eating steak is hurting the planet.

Thiel is investor and sits on the board of Facebook.

...he also has a high-end surveillance company, Palantir, that the CIA invested money in and was it used to surveil the protesters at the Malheur Refuge.

And the high-end LEO who directed the detail at Malheur ...was recently hired for security director by a Portland, OR transportion company that transports uranium around the world.

Tom Steyer, in contradiction to the anti-meat rhetoric of this nuclear industry coalition, has a beef cattle ranch and says ...along with his nature conservancy employee... say that cattle grazing is good for the planet.

Tom Steyer also invested$90 million in the CCA prison company where the Bundys were abused.

...Notice how the enviros now protest ranchers and farmers like they used to protest the nuclear industry...???

I wonder why...