Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Hey, Ryan Zinke: You’ve Got Your Ranger Hat on Backward

Above is a picture of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke posing for a photo last week to promote a new children’s version of the National Park Service passport book. So far, so good, right? Well, upon closer examination, you might notice he’s wearing his hat backward.

Why does this admittedly small detail matter? According to the NPS’s official uniform regulations, “The ranger hat is the most important, recognized and respected symbol associated with the NPS, and should be worn with pride and care.” (The bolding comes straight from the NPS.)
“Our uniform represents our pride and commitment to serving our country by protecting our most cherished public lands,” says a park ranger I spoke with on Thursday. (He asked not to be named for fear of reprisal from the DOI.) “If I posted to the Internet a photo out of uniform and wearing my ranger hat backwards, I would at the very least receive a verbal thrashing from my chief.”

Zinke is making a habit of this. Here is my post from May 17 of last year:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Based solely on Zinke's hat...the West is doomed

Did he sit on it during the helicopter ride? 
Did it blow off and his security detail run over it?
Does he have it on bass akwards?
I pray the TSA confiscates the damn thing during his return trip to DC.

Personally, I can see how one could mess up with the ranger hat. And who cares, it's ugly no matter how you put it on.

But I can't see how anyone raised in Montana could put a cowboy hat on backwards. But he did.


Tick said...

I'm guessing his underwear is also on backwards.

Tick said...

I'm guessing his underwear is also on backwards.

SLW said...

If he was "wearing" that stuffed bear, you know dang well from whence his field of view would be emanating ...