Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hooked: Battle at the Border, Part 3

At a barbecue for ranchers, neighbors and border patrol agents, rancher Ed Ashurst stepped away from the crowd to talk with our crew. “My home has been burglarized multiple times,” Ashurst said. “They’ve stolen vehicles from me, firearms, cash, jewelry. I’ve seen it all.” ‘They’ are outlaws, smugglers who move drugs and people for sophisticated cartels in Mexico. “We're up against an intelligence network that's more sophisticated than anything the CIA or Army's got,” Ashurst said. Philanthropist and Macon County Sheriff Howard Buffett owns land along the border in Arizona. He has studied smuggling for years, even capturing video and photos that appear to show smugglers moving through the land, sometimes wearing camouflage to hide their bodies and cloth-covered shoes to prevent footprints. The one thing about the cartel, and the guys moving people across this border, and the drugs across this border, is they are the most flexible people, and they're very well financed,” Buffett said. “We’re fighting a very difficult battle down here on the border.”...MORE

You can view parts 1&2 of this Special Report by clicking here and here. This Special Report was done by WAND, a tv station in Illinois.  If NM media was doing something similar, perhaps our elected officials would respond positively. Instead, they are intent on creating 500,000 acre sanctuary for illegal activities.

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