Thursday, May 17, 2018

Washington State U Settles with Wolf Researcher for $300K

A controversial wolf researcher will accept a $300,000 settlement to leave Washington State University, the school said. Robert Wielgus, director of the Carnivore Conservation Lab, sued the Pullman school for infringement of his academic freedom. Wielgus angered ranchers with his research of wolf behavior. He concluded the state’s policy of killing wolves that preyed on cattle was likely to increase cattle predation because it destabilized the structure of wolf packs. Ranchers complained to the Washington State Legislature, which cut Wielgus’ funding and demanded he be removed as principal investigator on his ongoing work. Wielgus then filed a lawsuit alleging the university punished him to placate politicians beholden to ranchers. The Seattle Times reported Tuesday that WSU administrators became worried the dispute would hurt chances for funding its new medical school...MORE

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