Monday, May 28, 2018

video - Willie Nelson looks angry when he walks off stage at concert, claims illness

Willie Nelson came out on stage in Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday only to abruptly put down his guitar and walk off stage, much to the dismay of fans. In a video posted by a fan at the Outlaw Music Festival, the 85-year-old musician can be seen walking onto stage to uproarious applause from the crowd. He makes his way to center stage, puts on his red, white and blue guitar strap and picks up his guitar. However, he seems to change his mind quickly and puts the guitar down. He threw his hat into the audience and then walked off stage for good. It’s hard to tell, but the star looked angry when he did so. According to a tweet from Live Nation, Nelson was allegedly ill and couldn’t play. They encouraged fans who attended the event to hold on to their tickets until a rain check date for the show can be announced. According to TMZ, some concert goers said that he walked off stage earlier in the evening as well. It also notes that fans were stuck waiting an hour before someone told them that Nelson would not be returning to the stage. This isn’t the first time that illness has prevented the singer from performing. As previously reported, Nelson had to cancel several tour dates in February of 2018. A month prior, he ended a show in San Diego early and canceled further tour dates. You can watch Nelson leave the stage in North Carolina below. foxnews

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Anonymous said...

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