Sunday, June 03, 2018


chemicals! hormones! antibiotics! – Words that used to have meaning. Words that have become tainted. Words the ANTIs live by. Words that are now included in THE BIG BOOK OF BUZZWORDS

unnatural substance, pesticides, factory farming! – THE BIG BOOK OF BUZZWORDS. A complete cross-referenced collection of words used by sympathetic talk show hosts, columnists, reporters and politicians when they are required a certain spin on a story.

corporate farming, overgrazing, veal barn. – THE BIG BOOK OF BUZZWORD. Assists the ANTIs in making their case without using facts. You see in THE BIG BOOK OF BUZZWORDS there are no definitions.

...It is always about money. "Don't buy red meat, smoked foods, sprayed vegetables, nuclear power, U.S. timber, fertilized rice or inorganic fruit. Instead, send the money you save to the ANTIs so they can fight the evil producer."

subsidized farming, migrant labor, profit. – "Fill your speeches and books and solicitation letters with BUZZWORDS!"

BST, MSG, 10-80 – "As long as the public doesn't know what they mean we can plant suspicion in their minds. You must only repeat the BUZZWORDS often enough!"

...all natural, organic, ecological, free range, dolphin free, sugarless. – These, too, are not defined in THE BIG BOOK OF BUZZWORDS. The ANTIs do not invite scrutiny or discussion. They are fund raisers – first, last and always.

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