Monday, June 11, 2018

DA Clears BLM Officers In Fatal Shooting

A task force investigating the fatal shooting of a man by a BLM officer on May 27 has issued its report, clearing the officer and another BLM officer who was shot by the man of any wrongdoing. The report was signed by Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein. The report sent out to the media redacted the names of the two BLM officers. In summary, the report says the two officers were at the BLM shooting range north of Grand Junction and went to check on a white van that had been parked on BLM property for several days. When they approached the van, one of the officers noticed a gun on the dashboard of the van and asked the occupant to secure the weapon. The officers told investigators that at that moment the man picked up the gun and fired, hitting one of the officers. Both officers returned fire, killing the man, who was later identified as Eugene Baylis. Baylis had been involved in an infamous case in 1993 in Colorado Springs in which he shot up a biker bar and killed two people, but was not convicted of any crimes...MORE

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