Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Justice Kennedy to retire, opening Supreme Court seat

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring, giving President Trump and Senate Republicans an opportunity to create a solidly conservative court that could last for decades. Kennedy announced his retirement in a letter to President Trump addressed, "My dear Mr. President." Within minutes, Trump told reporters he would move quickly to nominate someone from a list of 25 potential replacements -- someone "as outstanding" as Kennedy. "It will be somebody from that list," Trump said. Kennedy's long-rumored decision to step down July 31 will touch off a titanic battle between conservatives and liberals in the nation's capital, on the airwaves, and in states represented by key senators whose votes will be needed to confirm his successor...MORE

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Anonymous said...

When the wires which hold up the old lady fall off, then there will be another opening on the court. That should fix the court for a long time to come. that is what the President ran on, so get out and vote and bring him a great majority in the senate and the house! We will need every vote or the demoncrats will devise something to overturn this great chance to put them out of commission for a long time.