Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump administration to seek merger of Education, Labor departments

The Trump administration plans to advocate a merger of the Education and Labor departments as part of a sweeping government overhaul, according to two individuals familiar with the proposal who declined to be named because it’s not yet public. The Education Department is in the middle of its own restructuring, including a massive shakeup of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. As part of its overall agency reform plan submitted to OMB last fall, the Education Department had proposed taking over a slew of programs that are currently managed by the Labor Department. It did not propose a merger with Labor. That proposal from September, which was obtained by POLITICO, called for moving the Labor Department offices overseeing employment for people with disabilities, dislocated worker programs and youth workforce training funding to the Education Department...MORE 

Will Zinke's proposed reorganization of Interior be part of this proposal?
What is in store for USDA? Will some inspections move to the FDA?
Will they move Forest Service to Interior?

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