Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump's gov't reform - gains for Interior - losses for USDA

The reforms were released this morning, but not a whole lot of information.
There is the White House press release, a fact sheet, and this news story.
It appears Interior will gain programs from the Corps of Engineers, and USDA loses food inspection to a new agency, rural housing to HUD and food stamps to HHS.
I see nothing there about Zinke's reorganization of Interior, or other agencies internal reorganizations.


Interior will also inherit the National Marine Fisheries Service from the Dept. of Commerce. Zinke's statement is here. Also see Trump Is Reorganizing The Federal Government And His Interior Secretary Is Loving It
UPDATE & Correction
The Fact Sheet wasn't clear, and I ''assumed" the food inspection would be under the FDA as had been previously proposed. That was wrong. The new Food Safety & Inspection Service will be a part of USDA.
I finally found the complete proposal at the OMB website, which you can review here

Here is the Fact Sheet.

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