Monday, July 30, 2018

Study confirms that grizzly bears long inhabited North Cascades

A National Parks Service report confirms that grizzly bears long inhabited the North Cascades. The report, published in June, collects historic reports, sightings and archaeological grizzly data throughout the North Cascades ecosystem. The National Parks Service decided to examine the historical record in an effort to show that there was a “historical population” of grizzly bears, said Kristin Rine, a biological technician at NPS and the lead author of the report. Additionally, the report was conducted in an effort to analyze and compile all available historical information on grizzly bears, Rine said. “I had really no idea what the prehistoric conditions were in this area relating to humans and grizzly bear populations and how they might have interacted,” Rine said. Some have questioned whether or not grizzlies ever inhabited the North Cascades. Beyond simply refuting those comments the report pulls together documentation of grizzlies in Washington...MORE

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SO WHAT? WHO CARES? Who paid for this study? THE TAXPAYER!