Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A Note to Readers (updated)

I finally received Sharon's Death Certificate yesterday, so I'm now covered up with paperwork and gov't forms from OPM, TSP, ERB, IRS, etc. (she was a retired employee of the U.S. Senate). For the next several days I will only blog during "breaks" from all the paperwork.


After 7 hours, one form is complete, one is started, plus 2 others with nothing. To go any farther on the last two, I  need the service of my attorney and a tax accountant to complete the forms and make a wise decision. To make matters worse, my van is in the shop and I can't go anywhere. I've always had this unique sense of timing. A friend who is a notary public came out this evening, or the first form would not be completed. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

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