Sunday, January 03, 2021

In memo, Republican Liz Cheney condemns pro-Trump election challenges

 In a 21-page memo sent to her Republican colleagues in the House, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney lambasted the House and Senate's proposed objections to certifying the 2020 election results on Wednesday.

In the memo, obtained by the Washington Examiner, Cheney writes, "By objecting to electoral slates, members are unavoidably asserting that Congress has the authority to overturn elections and overrule state and federal courts."

Cheney, the House Republican Conference chairwoman and third-ranking GOP lawmaker, goes on to write the exercise would "set an exceptionally dangerous precedent, threatening to steal states' explicit constitutional responsibility for choosing the President and bestowing it instead on Congress."

...The memo reads, "The recent proposal for a new "Commission" is even more problematic. It is not reasonable to anticipate that any commission so formed could wrap up its work in 10 days; indeed, the subsequent debate at both the state and federal level would likely require months. Did those proposing a new commission realize that they were in essence proposing to delay the inaugural?"

Cheney's memo summarizes the conclusions made by both state and federal courts in six states, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

The challenges have virtually no chance of success. To reject a challenge only requires a simple majority in both chambers of Congress. Democrats control the House of Representatives. Democrats make up 48 seats in the Senate. With Republican senators including Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, Pat Toomey, Lisa Murkowski, Roy Blunt, Bill Cassidy, and Richard Shelby publicly saying they will reject the challenges, Cruz and Hawley's gambit is sure to fail...MORE

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